About this website

The purpose of this website is to help in promoting the learning of the Sanskrit language. 

At present the site offers a few learning and teaching tools, as well as links to various useful and free Sanskrit resources on the web.

In addition to  that we are working to produce and upload reviews of various Sanskrit resources - such as online books, dictionaries, texts, grammar guides etc, and in the future we also plan to upload some free video lessons.

Content is updated periodically, so please visit once in a while to check what is new .

At the moment the main Sanskrit tools we offer are:

1. Sanskrit Alphabet tutor
2. Sanskrit Reading Tutor
3. Sanskrit Text to Speech
4. Sanskrit Typing Tool

Our hope is that this website would be useful and helpful for all those interested in Sanskrit - especially those who are interested to learn but hesitate due to the lack of proper guidance or suitable learning materials.