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אתר זה לא תומך בגרסאות ישנות של אינטרנט אקספלורר
מומלץ להשתמש בדפדפן גוגל כרום או פיירפוקס מוזילה
(או באינטרנט אקספלורר / edge עדכני)
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How to use our Sanskrit Reading Tutor

(click here to use the Sanskrit Reading Tutor)

This web-application has two main features that make Sanskrit reading practice a very easy and enjoyable process

1. On mouse hover it highlights coresponding Devanagari and transliterated syllables. Any text entered will always be converted to both Devanagari and Standard Roman Transliteration – one line above the other. When we hover with the mouse on the text of either line, the syllable we are hovering over will get highlighted both in the Devanagari line and in the transliterated line.

This helps a lot especially in the beginning stages of reading practice as we can learn by comparison and if we have a doubt about any Devanagari letter or combination of letters we always see its trasliteration immediately.

2. Text to speech capabilities:

We can listen to the text we are reading on four levels:

1) clicking a syllable will play the syllable.

2) Right clicking the word will play the word.

3)clicking the button next to the Devanagari line will play the complete like

4) clicking the button next to the transliterated line will play the complete line syllable by syllable while highlighting the corresponding Devanagari and transliterated syllables while they are being read.

For more detailed information, you can watch the following video tutorial: